Egg Heads


Easter is an egg-xiting time for children but it does not all have to revolve around. These Egg Heads are a great idea from NurtureStore that adds a healthy and fun twist to Easter. 

How to Make:

You will need: empty egg shells (try to just break off the top to empty them, so you have a good size shell left to use), felt pens, stick-on wobbly eyes (optional), cotton wool, crees seeds, an empty egg box.

1. Wash out the egg shells and sit them in the egg box to keep them steady (on a cotton wool cushion to raise them up a bit if you need to).

2. Draw on some crazy faces, using the goggly eyes if you’ve got some. You could do self-portraits or funny faces (or maybe that’s one and the same thing?)

3. Put some cotton wool inside the shells and dampen them with some water.

4. Sprinkle cress seeds all over the cotton wool – good coverage will give you a full head of hair.

5. Pop them on a windowsill and wait for the hair to sprout. It’ll only take a couple of days.

6. Add a little bit of water if the cotton wool dries out, but not too much.

You can also use grass seeds for this craft. This allows you to give the eggheads a haircut which will grow back ready for a restyle. However you can’t put the grass on your sandwiches!



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