A great read for Fathers.

Father’s play a vital role in a child’s life but there is often not a lot of literature around to help a soon to be father out, where-as there are thousands of books for mothers. 

Becoming a father can be a daunting yet exciting thought and a little information can go a long way. A new father came across this book and highly recommends it, so I thought I would share it.

Reviewed Title: 

 FATHERBIRTH: A Close Encounter of the Fourth Kind (2001)

Reviewed Publisher: 

 Eagle, PA 19480: Fatherbirth, Inc. 111 pages. ISBN 09711710-0-9.

Fatherbirth is intended for an audience of parents-but specifically fathers-interested in understanding more about the “mystery and power of life itself captured in pre- and perinatal events. Consistent with current research on the topic, the authors propose that these events have a “profoundly significant role in stimulating the initial bonding process between parents and child and in catalyzing the personal growth of the parent.” In the context of increasing numbers of child-abuse and other forms of violence, the authors see bonding as a way to increase “species identification-the capacity for humans to create and maintain connections with each other.”

This beautifully laid-out book extends a true welcome to fathers and parents. Every page contains art-work relevant to the spiritual/parental issues discussed. Pictures, photos, poetry as well as quotes and different font-styles to highlight themes and ideas can be found on every page. The “main-body” of the text is kept in short readable paragraphs, every one of which is a self-contained unit. These characteristics make this book immensely readable and accessible. The book’s claim is that pregnancy and birth speak to the soul; the authors have managed to reflect this in the very way they designed the book.


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