Whose educating our children?

Where I trained and grew up, New Zealand you need a three year teaching qualification to teach in an early childhood setting. I know in many other countries the standard is the same. Yet now I am working in Australia I am shocked to see that to work in the early childhood sector a person only needs what they call a Cert III qualification. Anyone can get a police check and begin working with children and there is no pre requisite to study for Cert III. 

Now you make think that maybe a Cert III is a reputable qualification….Think again. I just received an email from living social to buy a voucher online to gain a Cert III qualification at 50% off. It’s a fast tracked online course. 

Research shows the first seven years are the most important years of a childs education, and many say the first three are the MOST important. Who do you want educating your children? Someone who went to university and gained a teaching qualification or someone who brought a fast track your qualification voucher on living social? 



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